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You said, we did

You said  We did
“You need to advertise your involvement opportunities more widely and more creatively.”                                                                                                                                                                                                    Explored and started testing new ways of advertising involvement opportunities, including: sending SMS via GP practices directly to patients; piloting the use of a Patient and Public Engagement Network form so people can tell us what areas of health they are interested in being contacted about; building new relationships with organisations such as Young Hammersmith & Fulham Foundation.

“The text messages for your GP service evening and weekend appointments would be much clearer if you changed the wording.” Changed the wording and sent the new text messages out to GP practices to share with patients.

“We don’t really hear about the evening and weekend GP appointments from our GP practices.” Trained H&F receptionist and administrative staff in signposting people to evening and weekend GP appointments on Tuesday 4th July 2017.

“We would like the CCG to pilot digital technologies in general practice.”  Worked with technology suppliers to pilot the use of an app that will allow symptom checking and video consultations with a GP. Hoping to launch the pilot during 2017 with a number of practices.
“Involvement opportunities should be advertised in a more accessible way.” Worked with Healthwatch to make our template for advertising involvement opportunities more accessible. 

“Why is it taking 3 months or more for people to be seen by the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies services?” 

We asked West London Mental Health Trust what they were doing to reduce the waiting times and they said:
  • running additional evening clinics to screen all those waiting;
  • planning a series of group interventions to cut down waiting times;
  • setting new targets for clinicians to ensure services are running optimally 
We shared this information with our Patient Reference Group and the community groups who raised the issue.