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Patient reference group

Our patient reference group is made up of local patients and representatives from voluntary and community organisations, and exists to ensure that patient voice influences the CCG’s decision making.

The patient reference group: 

  • Acts as a forum to share best practice around patient engagement and patient experience including sharing any reports on patient experience with the CCG
  • Advises the CCG on how best to promote equality and diversity in CCG public engagement activities and in GP practices
  • Comments and provides feedback on the development of CCG strategies such as our Communications and Engagement Strategy
  • Help us ensure publicity material is accessible, appropriate and comprehensible and reaches those who it is aimed at 
  • Advise us on upcoming service changes and redesign

For more information, please email Bethany Golding at bethany.golding@nw.london.nhs.uk or call her on 0203 350 4303. Alternatively, you can email HF.CCG@nw.london.nhs.uk.

Find the agenda and minutes of past meetings here.

Here is a diagram which shows how our Patient Reference Group fits into the wider decision-making structure of the CCG:

CCG Engagement Structure