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Annual report

The CCG publishes an annual report giving a summary of our achievements during the past 12 months, how we spent the money allocated to us and how we delivered our services. It also sets out how we discharged our functions, our strategic vision, the key risks to achieving our objectives, our activities during the 2017/18 financial year and includes an outline of the overall health of the borough.

You can read our 2017/18 annual report here. If you just want to get a broad overview of our activity and plans, you could just read pages 5 – 13.

If you are interested in the CCG’s financial position and how we spend your money, go to pages 16-18.

For information on how our providers are performing, read pages 19 – 25.

To read about patient experience, complaints, patient and public engagement, and equalities you can skip to pages 29-32.

You could also read this accessible, summary version of our 2017-18 annual report, focusing more on patient and public engagement.

We deliberately kept our annual report sections short for readability – but if you want to know more about our 2017-18 engagement activity, take a look at the other ‘Get involved’ section of our website. For example, you can read about some of our 2017-18 you said we did activity here. Alternatively, you may be interested in reading the 2018-21 Communications and Engagement Strategy we coproduced with patient representatives and wider stakeholders in 2017-18.