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Community Independence Service

What is the Community Independence Service (CIS)? 

The service provides you with care and support in your own home from a team of health and social care professionals for up to six weeks. It will help you get better so that you don't have to go in to hospital unless you really need to. If you have recently left hospital it will help you settle back into living at home and will put in place the services you might need longer term.

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The service is provided for up to six weeks depending on the care and support you need. Services are free of charge during this time. Whilst you are recieving care and support from this service you can continue to see your GP as you would normally, as they remain responsible for your care.

How will it provide care for me?

  • Finding out what you need and organising services to help with your care
  • Fast access to medical care
  • Services to help you feel independent at home - this can include help with exercises and providing equipment that can make it easier to get around your home
  • Care from Community Matrons who can help you to address your health needs
  • Personal care such as washing, bathing and other tasks you might need help with at home
  • Support from social care services so that you can take part in family and social activities - this might include helping you access services run by voluntary organisations

Who's involved?

The service is provided by a team of people working together. You will have your own case manager who will be able to answer any questions you have and will also put together a care plan for you. This plan will be closely monitored during the time you are recieving care from the service, and they will also make sure that your GP is kept informed. The care you recieve from your GP will not change and they remain responsible for your care.

The people involved in your care will include:

  • GP practice
  • Case Manager
  • Health and Social Care Coordinator
  • You and your carer/family
  • Nurses and Therapists
  • Social Worker
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Hospital Consultant
  • Community Matron

How will information about my care be shared?

Your information will need to be shared with the team so that they can provide you with the best care. You will be asked to give your consent to share information about your health and social care so that the team can plan and deliver your care.

When you have shared your information it remains safe and secure and all information is only seen by professionals who have a legitimate relationship to provide your care.

You can change your mind to share your information at any point by letting your case manager or your GP know.


Patients can be referred to the service in a number of ways including through their GP, the hospital, community matron, community nursing services, social workers or other social care services and the Older Peoples Rapid Access Clinic. People may also be referred by NHS 111, as an alternative to attending A&E.

The person referring you to the service will ask for your consent to:

  • Make a referral to the service
  • Share the information required about you to make this referral
  • Share information about you and your care needs amongst the care team so they can plan and deliver your care
  • If your information needs to be shared with other people outside of the team you will be asked for your consent to do this.

What happens when I leave the service?

The service is provided for up to six weeks. If you need ongoing care after this time, the team will work with you and your GP to put this care in place. When you leave the service you will be given a discharge summary and an Emergency Care Plan which will have been discussed with you and your GP.