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Antibody testing in Hammersmith and Fulham

We are aware that in Hammersmith and Fulham a private provider is advertising antibody tests for Coronavirus.  

There is currently not a Government backed antibody test for Coronavirus and we wanted to share the current Government information on testing which can be found in full on the gov.uk website. The following extract states the Government and current national position on testing:

“As with everything we are doing to tackle coronavirus, we need to be led by the science. An unreliable test is worse than no test.

“We need to make sure that all the tests we use are validated, reliable and provide an accurate result. We also need to understand the quality of new tests such as the antibody test before we start using them in order to avoid putting people at risk by suggesting they are no longer susceptible to coronavirus.

“We are working with a number of companies to evaluate tests and this validation is ongoing – but the science is new and uncertain. This shows the importance of having a rigorous process in place and checking every step for accuracy and reliability.”

Tests are still being developed and there is not yet one that has been proven to work as required by the Government.