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Parsons Green Walk-in-Centre changes

Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 (Coronavirus) public health crisis, Parsons Green Walk-in-Centre will change so they can more effectively support the NHS response to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is similar to most GP practices in North West London, which are all minimising face-to-face consultations, using phone and video assessments wherever possible to safely provide care.

Temporarily, Parsons Green walk in centre has closed immediately to allow staff to be redeployed to support other essential NHS services at this time.  Use of walk in centres has reduced dramatically (by over 50% in every site) over recent weeks which means that we have staff who could be better utilised in other services at this time of significant pressure. Staff in the walk-in centre will now be redeployed on to other duties.

The NHS in North West London is clear that in these very challenging times it is essential that our health services can be as flexible as possible to provide safe and effective care to patients, whilst protecting vital frontline staff.  When the Coronavirus crisis is over services at Parsons Green will resume.

Hammersmith Hospital Urgent Treatment Centre temporarily closed on Friday, 20 March 2020.