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Have your say on the future of Soho Walk-In Centre

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In early 2020, NHS Central London CCG are seeking the views of the public and stakeholders on the future of the NHS Soho Walk-In Centre. This is in response to changes to national guidance issued around urgent and emergency care.



The NHS Soho Walk-In Centre, located at 1 Frith Street, W1D 3HZ, is commissioned by NHS Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The service is a nurse-led service and operates seven days a week; open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 8pm on weekends. Central London Community Healthcare currently provide this service.

The current contract for the Soho Walk-in Centre will come to an end on 31 March 2020, and NHS Central London CCG want to begin looking at how the current services might be provided from 1 April 2020 onwards. 

To decide how the services should be provided in the future,  we need input from the community, service users, healthcare professionals, local authority and other key stakeholders.


National Context

The decision about the future of the Walk-In Centre will be influenced by the fact that National urgent and emergency guidelines issued by NHS England state that all Walk-In Centres cannot continue in their current form from 31 December 2019. In the case of Soho Walk-In Centre an extension from NHS England has been granted to allow the service to continue until 31 March 2020.


Engagement Timeline

A period of pre-engagement is taking place in February 2020 to review and help shortlist the most suitable options for the WiC from 1 April 2020 onwards. The two workshops in February are part of this pre-engagement.

Further engagement will then take place later in February and finish in March 2020. The approach will be shaped by the pre-engagement workshops, key stakeholders as well as the service user data we have from the service.

Currently Central London CCG envisages that recommendations on the future service provision will be taken at the Governing Body in March 2020.The CCG will then let stakeholders know of the outcome and next steps, and also carry out a communications and engagement campaign, describing the future service provision, working with a local organisation(s) to carry this out.



To begin this process, Central London CCG is holding two public facing workshops in February. They invite you to join these workshops, to share your views on the future of Soho Walk-In Centre. 

The aims of these workshops are to:

  • Aid with the development of the future options for the service

  • Develop key messaging and information materials (posters, leaflets, FAQs etc.)

  • Provide the public with a background on the Soho WiC and the reasons why changes are being proposed to the service

  • Consider all the different options for the WiC going forward from 1 April 2020

  • Aim to have a clear set of options developed after these two workshops to then use for a period of public engagement in February and March 2020


The workshop details are as follows:

  1. Workshop One: Monday 3 February, 5:30-7:30pm, First Floor Conference* Room, First Floor, Soho Centre for Health, 1 Frith Street, W1D 3HZ – register to attend here

  2. Workshop Two: Monday 10 February,5:30-7:30pm,First Floor Conference* Room, First Floor,Soho Centre for Health, 1 Frith Street, W1D 3HZ – register to attend here

A note that the workshops will cover the same content, and identical presentations will be shared at each.

*N.b. Please head to the entrance on Soho Square, rather than the clinical entrance on Frith Street for these workshops. A member of staff will be at the entrance to guide you to the meeting room. There is also disabled access to the room via a slightly different route, please get in touch for information about this.

 Further questions

If you have any futher questions about any of the above please email us at