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Palliative care workshops so far

Central London CCG working in collaboration with Brent, Hammersmith & Fulham, West London CCGs have begun a series of public workshops as part of a process for re-designing palliative care services across the four boroughs. These workshops are part of an engagement phase with the public to better meet the palliative care needs of patients and to address the recommendations made in the Independent Review on specialist palliative care services undertaken earlier this year.

Palliative care

The first workshop theme was on ‘Access to Care’ held in Brent CCG and the second workshop theme was on ‘Care’ held in Hammersmith and Fulham CCG. Workshops have been attended by local patients, carers, clinicians and local councillors all attending.

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Key themes that have come out from the workshops included inequalities in accessing palliative care, the need to improve co-ordination and communication between partners and providers and the different types of palliative care patients and families can access. You can view the visual notes and photos from the events below.

The next workshops will focus on ‘Aftercare and bereavement’ – if you would like to learn more about these workshops or attend you can here. We have now closed the application process for the patient and public palliative care working group and will be updating applicants with next steps shortly.

You can also read our FAQ document on Palliative care and Pembridge Palliative Care Centre, and if you have any further questions you can email the team directly at nwlccgs.triborough.palliativecare@nhs.net

Please note that this engagement phase is not part of a consultation process. We are currently looking at the recommendations from the review across the four CCGs to establish how we address the challenges and inequalities highlighted in the report. Should any recommendations be classed as a ‘substantial’ change to the existing palliative care service by our governing bodies (the CCG boards) and associated NHS bodies these changes will be subject to a public consultation.