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The NHS has mobilised quickly in North West London with primary care, hospitals community and mental health providers working together to care for residents in North West London and ensure the NHS is equipped to manage this escalating crisis.

Our focus at this stage is building up the capacity of the system to be able to manage and care for what is expected to be an increasing number of patients experience more severe symptoms. Areas we are focusing on currently include: 
  • Increasing ventilating capacity in all our hospitals
  • Agreeing ways of working in primary care with a focus on supporting people living in their own homes.
  • Working with local authorities to ensure we have a joined up approach.
All advice to the public and NHS alike is led nationally by NHS England and Public Health England with NW London NHS responsible for local implementation.

To find out information about Coronavirus in North West London click hereInformation about the Covid-19 vaccine can be found here.